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The Valuer tool provides methods to compare objects and generate hashcodes by value.

It is recommended to use the Asserter tool to test value equality, as it provides detailed failure messages to help debug. Only when the comparison result shouldn’t end with a test failure should the Valuer be used to compare values.

Creation & Customization

The Valuer requires nothing to be given at creation. Like other tools, custom CompareHint instances can be passed in to control behavior for any specific types. Alternatively, interfaces can be attached to the types that enable them to automatically work with the tool.

IValueEquatable & IValuerEquatable

These interfaces can be attached to objects and enable them to be used with the Valuer. IValueEquatable specifies the object can compare itself, and IValuerEquatable specifies the object can compare itself with the help of the Valuer (passed in as a parameter) for child objects.

These interfaces are provided as alternatives to overriding default equality behavior and should follow the same guidelines.