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Mocking and data generation for testing.

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The IRandom classes provide primitive value type randomization without reflection:

IRandom gen = new FastRandom();
double value1 = gen.Next<double>();
int value2 = gen.Next<int>(0, 5);

Provided are three default implementations:

  • FastRandom - Uses a base that is quick but not cryptographically secure.
  • SecureRandom - Uses a base that is cryptographically secure but slow.
  • SeededRandom - Generates deterministic values.

By default only valid values are generated (not NaN or infinities), but that can be changed through the constructor.


Providing an initial seed and using the SeededRandom enables one to get the same random numbers generated between runs, appearing random but giving consistent results:

/// <summary>Verifies values are deterministic based upon seed.</summary>
public void Seed_Deterministic()
    SeededRandom gen = new SeededRandom(5);
    Tools.Asserter.Is(-825260579, gen.Next<int>());
    Tools.Asserter.Is(1292641934, gen.Next<int>());
    Tools.Asserter.Is(140109521, gen.Next<int>());

    Tools.Asserter.Is(5, gen.InitialSeed);
    Tools.Asserter.Is(1338796877, gen.Seed);