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Mocking and data generation for testing.

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The Asserter tool provides methods to verify common test scenarios:

  • CheckAll - Verifies multiple cases and aggregates failure.
  • Throws - Verifies an exception is thrown.
  • IsEmpty - Verifies a collection has no elements.
  • IsNotEmpty - Verifies a collection has elements.
  • HasCount - Verifies a collection has a certain number of elements.
  • Is - Short for ValuesEqual.
  • IsNot - Short for ValuesNotEqual.
  • ValuesEqual - Verifies two objects are equal by value.
  • ValuesNotEqual - Verifies two objects are not equal by value.
  • ReferenceEqual - Verifies two objects are equal by reference.
  • ReferenceNotEqual - Verifies two objects are not equal by reference.
  • Fail - Immediately fails the test.


/// <summary>Test that will fail.</summary>
[Theory, RandomData]
public void Tools_DataSampleExample(DataSample original)
    Tools.Asserter.Is(original, Tools.Mutator.Variant(original));

Which gives the following message detailing the differences:

Result Message:
Test method CreateAndFakeTests.ToolsTests.Tools_DataSampleExample threw
CreateAndFake.Toolbox.AsserterTool.AssertException: Value equality failed
for type 'DataSample'.
.NestedValue.StringValue -> Expected:<CYTsi8X>, Actual:<0RIXwSBI>
.NestedValue.NumberValue -> Expected:<-1982040207>, Actual:<2375491997>

Creation & Customization

The Asserter requires a Valuer which controls the equality testing behavior.

Unlike the other tools, the Asserter can be subclassed to add new methods or override any method to provide different behavior.